Your lubricating grease efficiency calculator

You can achieve 6-fold increase of bearing life!

LITOL grease(plain lithium grease)

Frequency of bearings replacement —
60 th. km.

Total costs to car maintenance :

2450 USD.

MC-1000 grease

Bearings replacement intervals —
are 6 times more.

Total costs of car maintenance:

1540 USD.

When using MC-1000 grease:

You save –1100 USD.I want to save on bearings!

Nodes application.

  • Bearings

  • Ball joints

  • Doubletree shafts

  • Tooth gearings

  • Pump units

While one bearing is working with MC-1000 grease,
6 conventional bearings break down.

    60 th. km.
    360 th. km.

The grease forms finest metal layer that ensure low coefficient of friction.


The introduction of MC 1000 lubricant to “Passazhiravtotrans” SUE St. Petersburg

MC 1000 grease passed pilot testing during 4 years on 18 “Passazhiravtotrans” SUE [St. Petersburg]
buses. One bus reached the run of 377,000 km in 4 years without replacement of grease and bearings.
Annual economic efficiency of MC1000 use at a higher original price,
compared to traditional Litol-24 (simple lithium grease), was 18 608 USD for the bearings of one city bus.

  • The calculation of the economic efficiency of MC-1000 grease application at AP-1 "Passazhiravtotrans" SUE St. Petersburg.

  • MC-1000 test report.

  • Report from PTK, 07/12/13

MC-1000 performance test in friction units of the BelAZ dump truck

MC-1000 grease has showed better antiwear properties in comparison with Litol-24 grease (plain lithium grease).

  • MC-1000 and MC-1400 NORD performance test in friction units of the BelAZ dump truck

Technical specifications

  • NLGI consistency class
  • Color
  • Type of the base oil
  • Viscosity of the base oil at 40 ° C, cSt
  • Type thickener
    lithium soap
  • Operating temperature range (friction of the unit temperature), C°
  • Dropping Point, ° C, not less than (ASTM D2265)
  • Low temperature torque of wheel bearing (ASTM D4693), N * m

The grease is universal and can replace tens of different greases with working temperature interval -40 ° C to +140 °C.

The main economic effect is achieved by increase in mileage between services.

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